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I'm Max Garcia, I'm 19 years old and I think it'd be pretty funny if like, one day you take a girl out on the first date and be like "I'm gonna eat your taco", which would imply the idea that you're gonna perform cunnilingus on her, but then you go out to eat Mexican food or Taco Bell and if she orders a taco, you take her taco just as she's about to eat it and eat it yourself. Of course you'd have to buy her another one or give her your own taco since you already ate hers, to which I recommend you don't eat your taco first before eating hers (literally). It's gonna establish your comedy style and provide a good laugh. See, it's funny because she's like "oh this guy is gonna perform cunnilingus on my vagina" but you literally eat her taco. Idk, just do it it'll be funny. Even if it doesn't work out it'll be funny idk, you should do it. users online

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